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Updated - March 10th, 2017



Midwest Region Locations
Receiving Facilities Current Dumping Hours
Phone Number
Crystal, ND
8am-5pm M-F
Arvilla/Larimore, ND
7:30am-5pm M-F
Oakes/Crete, ND
8am-5pm Monday-Friday
Please call if raining or to request late hauling
Valley City, ND
8am-5pm M-F
Shelly/Climax, MN
8am-5pm M-F
Dahlen/Petersburg, ND
8am-5pm M-F
Regional Office Hours of Operation
Phone Number
Minneapolis, MN
8am-5pm M-F

Welcome to the Columbia Grain –
Midwest Division website

Welcome to Columbia Grain - Midwest Division's Website.  We are a diversified agriculture company dedicated to serving our producers and local communities.  

Farmers work hard all season to grow the best crop possible, and when it comes to selling it, they want the best price and the best service. Columbia Grain provides competitive grain prices and grain marketing opportunities at all of our locations.

We have knowledgeable staff that can help you with all your marketing needs. Please contact us for your agronomy, grain marketing, transportation, and other Ag business needs. Thank you for choosing Columbia Grain as your premier grain marketer.

Crystal: Please stop by or give us a call.

Arvilla/Larimore: Our agronomy team is knowledgeable and kept abreast of new technology to provide the best customer service possible.  Give us a call for all your agronomy and grain marketing needs.

Valley City: Trucking is now available from field or bin site. CGI Valley City’s truck turnaround averaged 5 minutes this harvest which, coupled with North Dakota Grain Inspection’s renowned accuracy, has saved customers time and money by providing them with a smooth and efficient experience competitors simply cannot match.

Oakes/Crete: If you have grain in the bins, don't forget to core them.  Trucking is available from the field or your bin site, please call for rates.

Shelly/Climax: Our agronomy team in Climax has the experience to help with all of your agronomy needs. The grain team in Shelly is equipped with great market knowledge to help with the marketing of your grain.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact us.

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