Pulse groups research dog food charge

Pulse producers, exporters and other pulse industry groups in the United States are hoping to raise US$1 million to shed light on what they consider a bogus link between pet foods that contain pulses and dilated cardiomyaopathy (DCM), a rare heart defect that affects dogs.

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The Food Show

Welcome to the Food Show with Tom and Mary-Anne Fitzmorris! Today our hosts are joined by a variety of guests and callers from around the city and far flung locations. At 2:30 we are joined by Tony Roelofs of Columbia Grain who talks to us about beans, hummas, and other new grains.

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The Push and Pull of Pulses, CGI Barrels Ahead

It must have been fate because all that the 20-year-old Jeff VanPevenage wanted to do was trade wheat. While finishing his senior year of college at Washington State University, VanPevenage started with Columbia Grain International (CGI), LLC.

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