The Food Show

The Food SHow

Welcome to the Food Show with Tom and Mary-Anne Fitzmorris! Today our hosts are joined by a variety of guests and callers from around the city and far flung locations. At 2:30 we are joined by Tony Roelofs of Columbia Grain who talks to us about beans, hummas, and other new grains.

Then in the final hour of the broadcast they talk about fond memories in a segment called “Vintage Tom,” where Mary Ann & Tom discuss restaurants and events from yesteryear through the lens of Tom’s old writings.

Please join us tomorrow and every weekday from 2pm-4pm to discuss all things related to New Orleans and South-East Louisiana cuisine. The number to call is 504-556-9696 and we are always happy to hear your viewpoint, whether you agree with us or otherwise.

Some talking points this episode:

-Should you soak your beans?

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