COLUMBIA GRAIN INTERNATIONAL, LLC is a leading worldwide grain and pulse supplier headquartered in Portland, OR, USA. We supply superior quality western grains and pulses to service both US domestic and worldwide export markets. Our supply lines span the western region of the US, cemented by our dominant footprint over the fertile croplands of Montana, well known for its high quality wheat, feed grains, canola and pulses. With an extensive network of origination facilities, we are positioned to reliably supply high quality products to meet our customer's needs.

A Sustainable and Traceable Supply Chain From Our Fields to Our Customers

Our physical presence throughout the supply chain and our commitment to quality enables us to provide our customers with products that can be trusted and relied on. Additionally, we work with our producers to utilize crop rotations which reduce the amount of non-renewable energy inputs over time. We are committed to doing our part to help the environment and maintain an ecological balance.