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Our Mission is to cultivate high-quality ingredients from our local farmers to nourish the world, safely.

Here at Columbia Grain International (CGI), we are dedicated to cultivating the growth of the food supply chain in the northwestern region of the United States to ensure the world receives high-quality grains, pulses, oilseeds, and organics. Our legacy is rooted in consistency, quality, and reliability of supply. We are the bridge between the producer and consumer, supported by over 40 years of experience.

As a vertically-integrated company, we operate assets, including grain elevators, processing plants, and agronomy centers, which stretch across the northern tier of the United States. We’ve developed partnerships with over 8,000 farmers to fulfill crop demands from our customers who require superior food products, which are then purchased by consumers worldwide. CGI provides trusted solutions for a farm-to-table philosophy that nourishes the world, safely.

CGI has spent the last 40 years developing a reliable, sustainable and traceable supply chain from our farmers to your customers.

President and CEO of
Columbia Grain International,
Jeff Van Pevenage

AgTech, consistent supply and cost control, value chain optimization and transparency are the key driving effects of vertical integration in the ag industry.

Source: Dongoski, Rob. (3 January, 2020).
“How vertical integration is
impacting food and agribusiness.”
Ernst & Young

A Sustainable
and Traceable
Supply Chain
From Our Fields
to Our Customers

Our highly-networked presence throughout the supply chain and our commitment to consistent quality has earned us loyal, long-term partnerships with customers around the world. We work with our producers to utilize crop rotations to reduce the amount of non-renewable energy inputs over time. We are committed to doing our part to help the environment and preserve an ecological balance.









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