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Our team works hard to cultivate high-quality ingredients to nourish the world, safely. Read our stories below, as told through the media.

Idaho County Press | September 02, 2020

Million-bushel ground pile meets current harvest demand, need for storage

What’s up with that pile of grain outside of Grangeville? With bigger harvests, and more coming to the elevators on each grain truck, that million-bushel ground pile at the Columbia Grain International facility at Fenn was what was needed to keep up with supply, as well as demands. The project was started a year ago, […]

Williston Herald | August 26, 2020

Grasshopper surge, blister beetle problems, harvest hotlines and more things to know this week in agriculture

Grasshoppers surge unusually high There are a few more grasshoppers than usual for this time of year, and you can probably thank the hot dry period in the region. There are hundreds of species of grasshoppers in all sizes and colors, and they love to eat grass, though they will also eat just about anything […]

Lewiston Tribune | August 18, 2020

Spike in coronavirus cases reported in region

Public Health — Idaho North Central District reported a jump of 32 new COVID-19 infections from Friday, bringing the total to 392 cases district-wide. Of those, Nez Perce County saw the greatest increase with 14 new cases for a total of 186. They include six females — one in the 0-10 age group; one in […]

The Western Producer | July 23, 2020

Pulse groups research dog food charge

Pulse producers, exporters and other pulse industry groups in the United States are hoping to raise US$1 million to shed light on what they consider a bogus link between pet foods that contain pulses and dilated cardiomyaopathy (DCM), a rare heart defect that affects dogs. The DCM research fund campaign is aimed at uncovering the […]

Pet Age | July 20, 2020

CGI donates $25K to DCM Research Fund Campaign

For over 42 years, Columbia Grain International (CGI) has been cultivating ethical plant-based ingredients, supporting consumers that desire a nutritious diet for themselves as well as their pets. As one of the largest producers and exporters of pulses in the United States, CGI has invested in eight processing facilities in which pulse crops are cleaned, […]

Milling Journal | July 01, 2020

Columbia Grain International Sees Durum Sales Soar Spurred by Pandemic Buying

Portland, OR – May 2020 – Columbia Grain International (CGI), a leading worldwide grain and pulse supplier with a footprint across the western region of the US, reports domestic sales of durum wheat is on the rise with consumers stocking up on high-quality semolina pasta as lockdowns continue.

The Food Show | June 30, 2020

The Food Show

Welcome to the Food Show with Tom and Mary-Anne Fitzmorris! Today our hosts are joined by a variety of guests and callers from around the city and far flung locations. At 2:30 we are joined by Tony Roelofs of Columbia Grains who talks to us about beans, hummas, and other new grains. Then in the […]

Aberdeen News | June 23, 2020

The healthy pandemic pantry: Beans are the new superfood

Columbia Grain International (CGI) is one of the largest processors and exporters of high-quality pulses in the United States, supplying the world’s pantry with a plethora of these nutrient-dense powerhouses. But, first, what are pulses? Pulses are the dry, edible seeds of plants in the legume family, a category of superfoods that includes chickpeas, lentils, […]

OilSeed & Grain News | June 02, 2020

The Push and Pull of Pulses, CGI Barrels Ahead

It must have been fate because all that the 20-year-old Jeff VanPevenage wanted to do was trade wheat. While finishing his senior year of college at Washington State University, VanPevenage started with Columbia Grain International (CGI), LLC. Shortly thereafter, he transferred to Great Falls, Montana, where he spent six years trading durum, oats, and barley. […]

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