The Push and Pull of Pulses, CGI Barrels Ahead

It must have been fate because all that the 20-year-old Jeff VanPevenage wanted to do was trade wheat. While finishing his senior year of college at Washington State University, VanPevenage started with Columbia Grain International (CGI), LLC.

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A Boom for Bean Farmers: Pandemic Spurs Demand for Legumes

GRANGEVILLE, Idaho (AP) — Toilet paper isn’t the only thing being whisked off the grocery store shelves these days. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic settled in, agriculture producers have experienced a bean boom as consumers stock up on dry beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas.

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Beans are getting a boost from COVID-19

The grocery store’s dry beans and lentils section usually has a pretty small footprint, with not so many people hanging around. But then came coronavirus, and suddenly, there was renewed fervor for these shelf-stable commodities, which are affordable, versatile, and Mediterranean healthy in the kitchen.

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